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Yaweco Interdental Starter Kit

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Yaweco Interdental Starter Kit

The patented Circum brush is carefully shaped and when inserted in the interdental area, the outer, longer blue bristles open up, enabling them to clean both sides of each tooth.

Efficient all-round cleaning of each tooth, combined with a massage of the gums.
This improved brush design makes it easier to insert it in smaller interdental spaces.
Its effectiveness has been verified in a randomised and controlled study the gold standard among scientific studies.

Leading dentists prefer these brushes, for example Prof. Dr. Adrian Lussi, winner of the 2018 German Prophylaxis Prize, Prof. Dr.Dr. N.P. Lang and others.
Suitable for cleaning interdental spaces between natural and artificial teeth, implants, crowns, bridges and dental braces.

The interdental starter kit contains the brush handle and three replacement heads; small, medium and large but refill kits containing specific sizes can be purchased separately.