Who we are...

We are a family run business, bringing together the fabulous natural and organic brands we all know and love into one collective place, so you can find your favourites! We have used each and every brand ourselves and can hand on heart recommend each and every one.  

After years working in the distribution of certified natural and organic products and using a range of different brands myself, I wanted to create a space where I personally tried and trust the products we offer.   I don't religiously use one brand, I have favourite products from them all but didn't necessarily get them from the same place.  

Our products are ethically and sustainably sourced and made - they are JUST.

Our products are naturally beautiful and make us look and feel BEAUTIFUL.

Our products are made using certified organic ingredients, the best for you - ORGANIC.

Thus Just Beauty Organics was born!

You can be assured that every product on this site is cruelty free and none of the brands conduct animal testing on either ingredients or finished product!

We are available on WhatsApp and email to answer questions and give advice on products, if you have any questions please feel free to get in touch.  


How we're 'Doing our bit'...

The brands we offer all have high standards regarding sustainability, sourcing of ingredients, packaging and giving back to the world in the form of ocean cleaning, reforestation, carbon neutral and other initiatives. Sometimes these achievements aren't promoted as often as they should, but they mean a great deal to us that the brands we work with are doing their bit just as we are trying to do ours.

So for every £15 spent on our site, we fund a tree to be planted in Madagascar as part of the Eden Reforestation Project in collaboration with Ecologi.   This is a fabulous initiative as it not only restores decimated mangrove forests in desolate stretches of coast, which helps combat climate change, but it works with the local communities to provide employment to plant and manage the newly replanted trees and forests.  

For more information on this, there is a forest counter on our home page, or you can click here.

We also use boxes and inner void fill made from recycled, FSC cardboard and paper, and padded envelopes that are easily separated for 100% recycling.



We'd love to hear from you...

Do have a question on a product or brand? Send us a WhatsApp through the widget and we'll get right back to you!

Have a brand you'd like us to look at? Pop us an email and we'll look into it!

Question regarding your order? Either of the above and we'll sort it pronto!



Customer service is very important to us (and you) and we'll always do our best to resolve any issues.  

Thanks for visiting!

Love Sam x